Channel Zero - Evidence - Dilated Peoples

Hi! My name's Erik. And I'm white. I live in a predominantly white neighborhood.
I went to a predominantly white college. And I have predominantly all white friends.
But at night, while all my white friends are asleep, I bump this.

Obs! Klicka på länken ovan för att se Evidence i intervju med Channel Zero/Splash! Mag.

"In a long and enthralling Channel Zero session we confront Evidence (Dilated Peoples)with music videos, movies and TV News casts he either starred in, was influenced by or that got him interested. For the first time he is speaking on the true identity of “L.A.’s most prolific tagger” Buket, about “Marihuana in the room” with “step brother” Alchemist, about Snoop Dogg, Fashawn and about coming from Venice Beach and seeing Detroit. Enjoy."

Jävligt bra intervju, heja Splash! Mag, heja Evidence, heja Dilated!


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